Frequently asked questions...

Q. Is there any line rental or connection fee, or other hidden charges?

A . No. You only pay the annual fee , connection and call charges, which are shown on the tariff sheets.

Q. Can I use my 0800 number on any line, or must I be on BT?
A. Your 0800 number shares any existing line, including cable and ISDN lines. It does not effect your existing number or services in any way.

Q. Can I move it to another line if I want to?
. Yes. Even if you move premises. Just let us know. We'll transfer it automatically. Free of charge.

Q. I have a switchboard on my number. What happens?
The 0800 number can be targeted to your main line, calls will then transfer to any available lines on your system. (It works the same as for normal incoming calls.)

Q. When do I pay the annual fee?
A. We send you an invoice, and activate your number within 48 - 72 hours of receiving payment. We can activate prior to payment if you have deadlines to meet.

Q. How do I choose a number?

. Call our sales department line on 0800 980 0035.

Q. How long can I keep the number for?
A. The number is yours for life, or for as long as you want it.

Q . How do I place an order if I want to?
A . All we need is your company details, and we take these over the phone. There's no paperwork to think about, it's all done for you, just give us a call.

Q. Do we provide any other services?
. Yes, we also supply national rate numbers (0870). These work in the same way as 0800 numbers, except you actually receive revenue of 0.5p from each call. Why not consider using an 0800 number for the sales line, and a national or premium rate number for the customer service line. The cost of one is offset by the call revenue from the other.

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